All in one Customer and product management.


Not only will you have all the necessary information about all your day-to-day operations stored in one place, but you can perform any task from Boatsby quickly and efficiently.

Easy to use

Because Boatsby is designed by and for dealers, it's easy and intuitive to operate.


All the Boatsby functionalities have been designed to make the salespeople work easier, saving time, and improving their results.


Unlike the majority of the generic CRMs, we adapt to our clients and not them to us.


You can use the user interface in both Spanish and English. Also, all the content that you add to any file or proposal can be included in the language that you have defined for your company.


Use Boatsby wherever you go, thanks to the cloud solution you can use it from any device / operating system and at any time.

How does Boatsby work?


Start the journey

From the home screen, control the most relevant aspects of your daily work, such as add new contact, include new yachts in the listing, proposals, etc ...

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Manage your customers

Once open a contact tab and start building a customer history with all detailed information about mails, search preferences, proposals, consent, and more. This will help you maximize your search for potentials and built a better relationship with your customers.

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Manage your Boat listing.

Include in a boat card any information related to the vessel. Management of your listing is crucial to have a clear vision of your products and increase your sales.

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Budget in minutes

Use the Rateer to quote in minutes any boat in stock, new or used, as well as a new boat to configure, using the shipyard's rates

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Build a boat.

Manage the different brands that you offer to your clients as an official dealer. Define all aspects of your relationship with the shipyard and its products. Also by importing the rates you can configure tailored boats to your customers.

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View your business process from all angles.

Through the different dashboards, you will be able to visualize through graphs and tables the results of all the procedures carried out with your clients and boats and analyze the workflow of your deals. You will also have a summary of the commercial development of the brands that you manage as a dealer.

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Monitor your team's work

Always stay up to date. Through a complete report of commercial activity, you will have a summary of the work carried out by each member of your sales team. The results can be shown by the user, office, or company during the date you consider appropriate.

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Analyze your results

We go one step further and analyze the failed operations. Do not give them completely for lost and break down the reasons why they were not closed. The information obtained will help you in future operations.

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A significant part of the Boatsby team has been working in the nautical sector for more than 10 years. From the knowledge and experience, we realized the need for a CRM that would adapt to the peculiarities of this sector. Indeed there are already hundreds of applications but it is very difficult to find some that are effective enough.


Two years ago we started and launched our design of marine CRM. Unlike others, Boatsby CRM is not intended to accommodate customers, but rather, we adapt ourselves to our customers.


From the first moment, we designed each of the functionalities of this CRM to adapt as much as possible to the requirements of this sector. Our mission is to provide concrete solutions to a specific sector such as nautical. Besides, Boatsby CRM is suitable for both small businesses and those that have a greater structure.


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