Keep track of all your boats on sale

Add, modify, or delete any vessels. Have a complete file and record any information you need about the boat. Synchronize your stock automatically if you have them posted in one of the most important portals, or have an API that we can access to.

Technical Specs

Complete the boat card including any technical specification you consider relevant for your clients.

Price History

Keep track of all changes in the listing price.

Documents management.

Store any document relating to the vessel (contract, itv, authorizations, etc...)

Detailed equipment.

Specify in detail the equipment that is included in the boat.



Customize the listing of your boats

Boatsby creates a pdf document with any the information you consider suitable to your client, equipment, photos, technical specifications, etc. Adapt the document to the state of your business activities, or the preferences of your client. Selecting the different options, you will create a specific pdf easily and quickly.

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Shipowner Reports

Boatsby will keep track of any commercial action performed by any member of your sales team and automatically generate a report. Send it to the client whenever you consider it appropriate.