More than you think

Boats Owned.

It includes any vessel owned by the client and displays a record of all the steps taken with it.

Search Profiles.

Add your clients' search preferences, storing them in their profile. This information will help Boatsby to find potential sales for you.

Attached Documents.

Attach agreements, insurance policies, boat documentation, contracts, and any other file you need.

Written consent

Obtain and keep a record of your client´s consent. Add any written modification or limitation if requested.

Complete Emails record.

Keep all communications with your clients within reach. A record of all emails sent and received will be stored in each customer file.

Data Privacy.

We encrypt all the sensitive data of your clients and only you will have the key capable of making them legible. Uploaded documents and images and keep them as public or private.

Meet your customers´needs

Always keep in mind your contact preferences. Include in the profile your client´s wants, type of boat, category, length, price range. It would help you with present and future operations.


With the profile set, Boatsby can generate sales opportunities by automatically searching for matches between your customers' preferences and the characteristics of your boats listing.


The higher the number of profiles assigned, the better segmented your customer base, and the greater the likelihood of success for your team.


Match Finder


Every day we review your contact profiles and cross them to generate matches. Do not leave behind opportunities that were not carried out at the time, but which can remain active.


Review the sales opportunities generated by the match Finder and send an email with the list of boats you think to match your client´s wants. If the success is full, send a proposal directly to your customer.


To improve the efficiency of the match finder, eliminate any coincidence that does not match your client´s needs, and adjust as much as possible all the parameters. As growing your interaction with your client, reflect the evolution of his wants by updating his preferences and changing the parameters that don't fit.

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    Opens a contact tab.
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    Send an email.
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Build strong and trusting relationships

Boatsby will help you comply with the GDPR and show your contacts that you value their privacy.

Make sure you comply with the GDPR

Boatsby is a tool that will help you meet GRPD in your business. Stay up to date and control accepted revoked, or limited consents.

Manage the consents

We have integrated the request for consent to the client in the registration process. An electronically signed document will be registered and stored within the client card. You will also be able to see when and how it was obtained, and who registered it.

Control the use of data

As a company, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers' data is kept private. With Boatsby your data can only be handled by the user who enters it and by the administrator.

By Default and by Design Data Protection.

Make sure that at all stages of our development process, Data privacy has been the fundamental foundation at all stages of our CRM development process. Boatsby makes it easy for you to comply with by default and by design privacy required by the RGPD.