Make your brand portfolio

Manage everything related to the brands you sell as an exclusive or authorized dealer.


Define the geographic zone, type of distribution, and services you offer for each brand.

Current and Previous models

Work with any model that has been imported whether commercially active or discontinued.



No matter If any of your brands have different product families. We have already taken it into account.

Brand Managers

Sets out who is responsible for maintaining content for each brand.

A complete model sheet

Include all the information needed to perfectly define each model on sale.

Technical data

Multimedia content

Equipment detail

Shipyard fee

Dealer add-ons

Document management


Import The Shipyard Pricelist.

Boatsby can import shipyard rates from a spreadsheet format. If you consider it too laborious or complicated, we can do it for you. Save time and avoid mistakes.


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Adjust rates to your business

Once the rates are imported, the system can adjust specific sales conditions for each model. It differentiates which specifications are standard and which are an extra. Whether they are incompatible with each other or are mandatory with others. Or to which groups, packs, or specifications you cannot apply discounts. You will be ready to quote at any time and with the peace of mind of making no mistakes.

Decide who manages each brand

Set who is responsible for managing each of your brands. Shipyard price lists and any information relating to a model are data that must be up-to-date and protected from any unwanted modifications. The brand manager will be responsible for handling all information, ensuring that it is accurate, and complies with the shipyard's indications.